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XS1 Class Reference

Ezcontrol XS1 IPSymcon PHP Splitter Module Class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($InstanceID)
 Constructor. More...
 Create ()
 overload internal IPS_Create($id) function
 Destroy ()
 ApplyChanges ()
 overload internal IPS_ApplyChanges($id) function
 UpdateEvent ()
 Timer Event to read current data record from AHA Device(e.g.Fritzbox) discard output.
 ForwardData ($JSONString)
 Data Interface from Childs. More...
 SwitchMode (string $dev, int $val)
 Send Switch command to Device. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from T2DModule
 __construct ($InstanceID, $json_file)
 Constructor. More...
 Create ()
 Create function. More...
 ApplyChanges ()
 Apply function.

Data Fields

const list_prefix = "/control?callback=list"
 url for listing (without host)
const cmd_list_sensors ="&cmd=get_list_sensors"
 cmd to list sensors
const cmd_list_actors ="&cmd=get_list_actuators"
 cmd to list actors
const cmd_set_actor ="&cmd=set_state_actuator"
 cmd to set actuator
const cmd_config = "&cmd=get_config_info"
 cmd for retrieving xs1 config
const idcol ='pos'
 field used as identifier
- Data Fields inherited from T2DModule
 IPS Message IDs. More...
const KR_INIT = 10102
 Kernel Status "INIT".
const KR_READY = 10103
 Kernel Status "Ready".
const KR_UNINIT = 10104
 Kernel Status "UnInit".
const ST_AKTIV = 102
 Module Status aktive.
const ST_INACTIV = 104
 Module Status "inactive".
const ST_ERROR = 201
 Module Status "Error".
const ST_NOPARENT = 202
 Custom Module Status "NoParent".
const VT_Boolean = 0
 IPS Variable Type Boolean.
const VT_Integer = 1
 IPS Variable Type Integer.
const VT_Float = 2
 IPS Variable Type Float.
const VT_String = 3
 IPS Variable Type String.
const IM_CHANGESTATUS =10505
 Instance Message Status change.
const VM_DELETE =10602
 Variable Message Delete.
const VM_UPDATE =10603
 Variable Message Update.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from T2DModule
 HasActiveParent ($id=0)
 Check if a parent is active. More...
 isActive ($id=0)
 Check if the given Instance is active. More...
 GetInstanceStatus ($id=0)
 Retrieve instance status. More...
 GetParent ($id=0)
 Check if a parent for Instance $id exists. More...
 GetCapList ()
 Get Property Caplist. More...
 GetCaps ()
 returns array of defined capabilities for this device Format:"cap:action;" More...
 GetActions ()
 returns array of defined Actions for this device More...
 CreateStatusVars ()
 create status variables out of capvar definitions from device
 SetStatusVariables ()
 remove variables not matching actual capabilities
 SwitchStatus ($val)
 parses switch status values to true/false More...
 SemEnter ($resource)
 Enter/Lock semaphore. More...
 SemLeave ($resource)
 Leave/unlock Semaphore. More...
 check_profile ($pname, $typ, $prefix, $suffix, $icon, $min, $max, $step, $digit=0, $drop=false)
 Check profile by name if exists, else create. More...
 drop_var ($ident)
 Delete a Variable by name if exists and assigned events. More...
 GetLocalBuffer ()
 Get status variable Buffer contains incoming data from IO, act as regVar. More...
 SetLocalBuffer ($val)
 Set status variable Buffer. More...
 debug ($topic, $data)
 Log an debug message PHP modules cannot enter data to debug window,use messages instead. More...
 isDebug ()
 check if debug is enabled More...
 debuglog ($data)
 Log Debug to its own file. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from T2DModule
 $module_data = array()
 Vital module data build out of module.json.
 optional filename of a debug log (fully qualified)
 $name = ''
 Modul name for fast access.
 $capvars = array()
 Device capabilities to be overwrite in implementation.
 $actions = array()
 Device action capabilities to be overwrite in implementation.
 often needed module GUIDs
 $useBufferVar =false
 Use StatusVariable as buffer (if Get/SetBuffer module functions are not available in IPS <4.1)

Detailed Description

Ezcontrol XS1 IPSymcon PHP Splitter Module Class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $InstanceID)



Member Function Documentation

ForwardData (   $JSONString)

Data Interface from Childs.

SwitchMode ( string  $dev,
int  $val 

Send Switch command to Device.

string$devActor ID
int$valnew actor value

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