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APCUPSD Class Reference

APCUPSD IPSymcon PHP Splitter Module Class More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($InstanceID)
 Create ()
 overload internal IPS_Create($id) function
 Destroy ()
 ApplyChanges ()
 overwrite internal IPS_ApplyChanges($id) function
 UpdateEvent ()
 Timer Event to query the NUT daemon discard output.
 ReceiveData ($JSONString)
 Data Interface from Parent(IO-RX)
 ForwardData ($JSONString)
 Data Interface from Childs.
 Query ()
 Query APCUPSD daemon.
- Public Member Functions inherited from T2DModule
 __construct ($InstanceID, $json_file)

Data Fields

const idname = 'SERIALNO'
 Field for ID definition.
- Data Fields inherited from T2DModule
 IPS Message IDs.
const KR_INIT = 10102
 Kernel Status "INIT".
const KR_READY = 10103
 Kernel Status "Ready".
const KR_UNINIT = 10104
 Kernel Status "UnInit".
const ST_AKTIV = 102
 Module Status aktive.
const ST_INACTIV = 104
 Module Status "inactive".
const ST_ERROR = 201
 Module Status "Error".
const ST_NOPARENT = 202
 Custom Module Status "NoParent".
const VT_Boolean = 0
 IPS Variable Type Boolean.
const VT_Integer = 1
 IPS Variable Type Integer.
const VT_Float = 2
 IPS Variable Type Float.
const VT_String = 3
 IPS Variable Type String.
const IM_CHANGESTATUS =10505
 Instance Message Status change.
const VM_DELETE =10602
 Variable Message Delete.
const VM_UPDATE =10603
 Variable Message Update.

Protected Member Functions

 SendDataToChildren ($Data)
 Data Interface to Childs.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from T2DModule
 HasActiveParent ($id=0)
 Check if a parent is active.
 isActive ($id=0)
 Check if the given Instance is active.
 GetInstanceStatus ($id=0)
 Retrieve instance status.
 GetParent ($id=0)
 Check if a parent for Instance $id exists.
 GetCapList ()
 Get Property Caplist.
 GetCaps ()
 returns array of defined capabilities for this device Format:"cap:action;"
 GetActions ()
 returns array of defined Actions for this device
 CreateStatusVars ()
 create status variables out of capvar definitions from device
 SetStatusVariables ()
 remove variables not matching actual capabilities
 SwitchStatus ($val)
 parses switch status values to true/false
 SemEnter ($resource)
 Enter/Lock semaphore.
 SemLeave ($resource)
 Leave/unlock Semaphore.
 check_profile ($pname, $typ, $prefix, $suffix, $icon, $min, $max, $step, $digit=0, $drop=false)
 Check profile by name if exists, else create.
 drop_var ($ident)
 Delete a Variable by name if exists and assigned events.
 GetLocalBuffer ()
 Get status variable Buffer contains incoming data from IO, act as regVar.
 SetLocalBuffer ($val)
 Set status variable Buffer.
 debug ($topic, $data)
 Log an debug message PHP modules cannot enter data to debug window,use messages instead.
 isDebug ()
 check if debug is enabled
 debuglog ($data)
 Log Debug to its own file.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from T2DModule
 $module_data = array()
 Vital module data build out of module.json.
 optional filename of a debug log (fully qualified)
 $name = ''
 Modul name for fast access.
 $capvars = array()
 Device capabilities to be overwrite in implementation.
 $actions = array()
 Device action capabilities to be overwrite in implementation.
 often needed module GUIDs
 $useBufferVar =false
 Use StatusVariable as buffer (if Get/SetBuffer module functions are not available in IPS <4.1)

Detailed Description

APCUPSD IPSymcon PHP Splitter Module Class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct (   $InstanceID)



Member Function Documentation

◆ ForwardData()

ForwardData (   $JSONString)

Data Interface from Childs.


◆ ReceiveData()

ReceiveData (   $JSONString)

Data Interface from Parent(IO-RX)


◆ SendDataToChildren()

SendDataToChildren (   $Data)

Data Interface to Childs.


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