IPSymcon JSON API Wrapper  4.4 (IPS V4.4)
IPSymon JSON API wrapper

Wrapper for IP-Symcon function calls to be executed via JSON API. This wrapper helps you to execute scripts written for IPSymcon also on other PHP boxes using IPSymcon JSON API. It defines all of known functions and map this to a JSON call. ips_wrapper.php will be generated using gen_ips_wrapper.php


//include wrapper only if not in native IPS
if (!function_exists('IPS_GetKernelVersion')) {
//we are outside of IPS and need the JSON wrapper
//now you can call ips functions as usual
print $version;
  • enable IPS remote access from IPS Tray
  • create a new script object with the content of gen_ips_wrapper.php in IPSymcon console
  • run this script as usual
  • grab the generated ips_wrapper.php file from IPSymcon scripts folder
  • All ips function headers are listed in ips_wrapper.php. You need to include the class file IPS_JSON.php as well.
  • you may create an additional file IPS_JSON_config.cfg which will summarize your JSON API settings as below. This will have precendence over the generated values.
    // IPsymcon API Definitions
    $user='license user name/email';


general examples

Icinga/Nagios examples:

More readings (in german):